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Free Fantage Items!

Hello everyone! I am here to tell you how to get free Fantage Items. Basically on instagram search up fantage_loc. Follow him and direct message him what item you want. It is 1 dollar per item and you can get practically anything you want! Stay tuned in to his page and you could possibly purchase every item in Fantage!

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Fantage 2017 Butterfly Catch

The latest Fantage Event is the 2017 Butterfly Catch. Now this event is a bit different from the past events, basically you have to play grotto games (games in the grotto) to catch, or collect, butterflies. You can also buy butterflies with 2,000 gold. There are also event items which, in my opinion, are pretty cute. Well for the girls, the boy’s ones are pretty gay xD. Anyways I don’t really like this event, grotto games are pretty frustrating and it gets boring a while after you play them. If Fantage does read this, PLEASE FANTAGE MAKE A BACK TO THE PAST EVENT. Like where we see how far Fantage has progressed in a time machine or something. I dunno just throwing out some ideas lol. Well that concludes this event. Thanks for reading!

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Fantage Class of 2017 Event

So Fantage has just came out with a new event, basically I call it the virtual graduation event. It started out with a double gold special then released the event. Anyways in this event it’s a bit different than more of the recent events. You log in and go to the Dance Club (The Palm) and the Fantage Cruise Ship to receive a medal. There may be a prize as well not sure of it though. Basically there’s really nothing to do, no games, no prizes, and no limited time rooms (such as the limo in the last event). The problem I have with this event is in the Dance Club you can’t play Fantage DDR (or as it’s called officially Dance Fever). The event items are okay and there’s really nothing that sticks out in this event. Hoping for better events in the future.



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Fantage Limited Edition Anime Set

So every once in a while, fantage releases something called “Limited Edition Items” it could be anything really. There are different sets each time. To explain, Fantage releases an item a day (for about a week) at exactly 10:00 and 4:00 (Fantage Standard Time). They only sell 200 of them, meaning each round they sell 100. This set is called “The Anime Set” or the weeaboo set to me. (I CAN SMELL THE POCKY FROM HERE) If you want any of these items. You gotta be super quick! There have only been 3 items released, yet they easily sell out in 5 minutes! The only items that have been released are “The Anime Feather”, “Anime Eyes”, and Anime Hair (In that exact order.) Basically this set it probably my favorite and I legit woke up early to get the hair, and waited for the eyes. (I probably have the first hair lmao)

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Fantage Prom 2017

I feel like I have to say this in every post but, sorry for not posting the last few events and such. I have been busy with finishing school and now I am out of school :D! Now I hope I will have more time to post. So this current event is called Midnight in Morocco.  It’s just like the 2015 Prom Event, only with a few things changed. It has the limo ride, the castle is the prom area, and there is a PM terrace. JUST LIKE 2015 FANTAGE PROM! The items are pretty cute, the theme of this prom kind of reminds me of Aladdin.

There is also a voting thing that allows you to vote for your favorite Fantage Mascots for prom king and queen. (same as last year)

That’s all for this event! Thank you for reading! This took forever to make but I hope you enjoy, bye!

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Fantage Easter Event 2017

I am back again. Sorry for not uploading a post since LAST YEAR. I have been very busy with school and state essays. Anyhow ugh, the past few Fantage events have been complete GARBAGE. So is this one. In this event it is the same as the last. (except for the gold deals lmao)What you are doing is hunting for easter eggs around all of Fantage. The team that gets the most eggs will win a prize. (Which this is a bit different from the last event) Which I was lucky enough to be blessed with the 100% winning team xD By the way the thing glitched and said both teams were my team (?) lmao.

Also there are again, limited items you can buy with gold (if you are member stars.).

Also Fantage did a glitch and gave us a sneak peak on what the prize thing would look like. (Spoilers ahead, view at your own risk!) Did I mention Fantage has been super glitchy lately?

Well thank you for reading! I just recently got Fantage membership so I will try to keep you guys updated! Also I have an Instagram now! Follow me for kind of personal Fantage stuffs @Fantage.Happy


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Happy Holidays 2016 Fantage

So this year’s Fantage X-Mas event is called “Happy Holidays 2016”. First of on the “Membership Page” they are have a sale on Gold. sdf.JPG What they did is double the gold on all gold purchases and you can get items for buying the packages too apparently. qwd.JPG

Now for the in game updates and not purchases. a

So the “plot” (if you would even call it that) is that you find a guy named “Elfie” in random areas around Fantage. You collect snowflakes from finding “Elfie” and snowflakes help you earn prizes.

There are also limited items (as usual) which you have to spend gold on ;-; sadly….  1

Also the funny thing is whenever you rescue “Elfie” it says this…. xDDDD 56

Lazy editing skills there Fantage xD! Anyways this is all that seems to be here for this update,but it also seems as if they are planning for more! So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that. Okay bye!