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Fantage 2007-2008 Items

                                        November 2007



Hair: Bun Hair, Afro, Sidebang w/ Ribbon, Blonde Bob, Shaggy Brown Hat Hair, Green Pigtails, Brown Braids, Long Blonde Pigtails, Shaggy Brown Hair, Long Blonde Braids Outfits: Black Dress, Blue Bear Dress, Fairy Dress, Flower Power Dress, Hanbok, Pink Kimono, Moon Pajamas, Pink Stripes, Red Floral Dress, School Dress Shoes: Black Sandals, Red Flats, School Shoes, White Flats, Yellow Mary Janes Pants: Blue Jeans, Stylish Black Jeans, Blue Gym Shorts, Brown Skirt, Denim Capri, Denim Skirt w/ Pink, Green Skirt, Heart Skirt, Pink Pleated Skirt, Jaye Skirt Tops: Black Cat Shirt, Green Sweater, Number 1 Shirt, Orange Sweater, Jaye Sweater, Pink Star Sweater, Pink Striped Polo, Rasta Tank, Red Flower Shirt, and Sailor Shirt.

                                          December 2007



Face Acc: Blue Straight Glasses, Pink Straight Glasses, Yellow Straight Glasses, Cool Sunset Glasses, Hot Sunset Glasses, Warm Sunset Glasses, Dizzy Glasses, Blue Aviator Glasses, Pink Aviator Glasses, Violet Aviator Glasses, Blue Cateye Sunglasses, Red Cateye Sunglasses, Yellow Cateye Sunglasses, Blue Sea Glasses, Green Sea Glasses, Pink Sea Glasses Hair Acc: Mouse Band, Blue Polka-Dot Hair Bow, Orange Polka-Dot Hairbow, Pink Polka-Dot Hairbow, Tiara Boards: Firebird Board, Black and Blue Board, Black and Red Board, Blue Craft, Blue and White Board, Bubble Board, Feather Board, Green Platform, Guitar, Heart Board, Jump Board, Pink Craft, Spaceship, Sunshine Board, Turtle Board, Violet Batwing, Violet and Gold Board, Watermelon, White and Orange Board, Jungle Board, Yellow and Blue, Magic Carpet, Chrysanthemum Board, Dorsal Board, Green Leaf Board, Mata Ray Board, Maple Leaf Board, Fly Nimbus Board, Pegasus Board, Starjet Board, Broom Board, Cheese Board, Nut Board, Mushroom Board, Santa Sled Costumes: Bear Costume, Pink Cavegirl Costume, Red Cavegirl Costume, White Cavegirl Costume, Blue Cheering Costume, White Cheering Costume, Red Cheering Costume, Pink Cowgirl Costume, Purple Cowgirl Costume, Red Cowgirl Costume, Frog Costume, Black Genie Costume, Blue Genie Costume, Pink Genie Costume, Violet Genie Costume, Kangaroo Costume, Cat Costume, Green Kunoichi Costume, Purple Kunoichi Costume, Red Kunoichi Costume, Blue Mech Suit, Gold Mech Suit, Pink Mech Suit, Blue Ninja Costume, Green Ninja Costume, Red Ninja Costume, Blue Pirate Costume, Purple Pirate Costume, Red Pirate Costume, Blue Shroom Costume, Orange Shroom Costume, Purple Shroom Bed, Blue Vampire Costume, Purple Vampire, Red Vampire Costume, Green Witch Costume, Pink Witch Costume, Purple Witch Costume Hair: Yellow Bear Hat, Brown Bear Hat, Pink Bear Hat, Purple Cat Hat, Pink Cat Hat, Orange Cat Hat, Pink Jester Hat, Multicolored Jester Hair, Colorful Jester Hat, Brown Paper Bag, Ho ho ho Hat (Yellow), Ho ho ho Hat (Brown), Ho ho ho Hat (Black), Outfit: Santa Suit

 January 2008

Board: Pirate Ship Accessories: New Year’s Glasses, New Year’s Hat, New Year’s Headband

February 2008

Costumes:Giants Football Costume Hair: Long Blue Pigtails, Long Pink Pigtails, Long Violet Pigtails, Long Blue Braids, Long Pink Braids, Long Violet Braids Outfits: Fairy Dress (Purple), Red Qipao, Hanbok, Kimono Pants: Pink Striped Pants, Blue Pleated Skirt, Denim Capri Pants, Pleated Violet Skirt Tops: Wrap Top, Froggie Shirt, Polka-Dotted Top, Asymmetrical Peach Shirt

                                           March 2008

Hair: Fantage Beta Crown (Blonde), Fantage Beta Crown (Black), Fantage Beta Crown (Brown/Red), St. Patricks day Hair, Green Sidebang, Easter Bunny Hair, Easter Chickie Hat Outfits: St. Patrick’s Day Outfit, Girls Easter Egg




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