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Fantage 2017 Butterfly Catch

The latest Fantage Event is the 2017 Butterfly Catch. Now this event is a bit different from the past events, basically you have to play grotto games (games in the grotto) to catch, or collect, butterflies. You can also buy butterflies with 2,000 gold. There are also event items which, in my opinion, are pretty cute. Well for the girls, the boy’s ones are pretty gay xD. Anyways I don’t really like this event, grotto games are pretty frustrating and it gets boring a while after you play them. If Fantage does read this, PLEASE FANTAGE MAKE A BACK TO THE PAST EVENT. Like where we see how far Fantage has progressed in a time machine or something. I dunno just throwing out some ideas lol. Well that concludes this event. Thanks for reading!


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