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Fantage Limited Edition Anime Set

So every once in a while, fantage releases something called “Limited Edition Items” it could be anything really. There are different sets each time. To explain, Fantage releases an item a day (for about a week) at exactly 10:00 and 4:00 (Fantage Standard Time). They only sell 200 of them, meaning each round they sell 100. This set is called “The Anime Set” or the weeaboo set to me. (I CAN SMELL THE POCKY FROM HERE) If you want any of these items. You gotta be super quick! There have only been 3 items released, yet they easily sell out in 5 minutes! The only items that have been released are “The Anime Feather”, “Anime Eyes”, and Anime Hair (In that exact order.) Basically this set it probably my favorite and I legit woke up early to get the hair, and waited for the eyes. (I probably have the first hair lmao)


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