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Fantage Prom 2017

I feel like I have to say this in every post but, sorry for not posting the last few events and such. I have been busy with finishing school and now I am out of school :D! Now I hope I will have more time to post. So this current event is called Midnight in Morocco.  It’s just like the 2015 Prom Event, only with a few things changed. It has the limo ride, the castle is the prom area, and there is a PM terrace. JUST LIKE 2015 FANTAGE PROM! The items are pretty cute, the theme of this prom kind of reminds me of Aladdin.

There is also a voting thing that allows you to vote for your favorite Fantage Mascots for prom king and queen. (same as last year)

That’s all for this event! Thank you for reading! This took forever to make but I hope you enjoy, bye!


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