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Fantage Easter Event 2017

I am back again. Sorry for not uploading a post since LAST YEAR. I have been very busy with school and state essays. Anyhow ugh, the past few Fantage events have been complete GARBAGE. So is this one. In this event it is the same as the last. (except for the gold deals lmao)What you are doing is hunting for easter eggs around all of Fantage. The team that gets the most eggs will win a prize. (Which this is a bit different from the last event) Which I was lucky enough to be blessed with the 100% winning team xD By the way the thing glitched and said both teams were my team (?) lmao.

Also there are again, limited items you can buy with gold (if you are member stars.).

Also Fantage did a glitch and gave us a sneak peak on what the prize thing would look like. (Spoilers ahead, view at your own risk!) Did I mention Fantage has been super glitchy lately?

Well thank you for reading! I just recently got Fantage membership so I will try to keep you guys updated! Also I have an Instagram now! Follow me for kind of personal Fantage stuffs @Fantage.Happy



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