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Happy Holidays 2016 Fantage

So this year’s Fantage X-Mas event is called “Happy Holidays 2016”. First of on the “Membership Page” they are have a sale on Gold. sdf.JPG What they did is double the gold on all gold purchases and you can get items for buying the packages too apparently. qwd.JPG

Now for the in game updates and not purchases. a

So the “plot” (if you would even call it that) is that you find a guy named “Elfie” in random areas around Fantage. You collect snowflakes from finding “Elfie” and snowflakes help you earn prizes.

There are also limited items (as usual) which you have to spend gold on ;-; sadly….  1

Also the funny thing is whenever you rescue “Elfie” it says this…. xDDDD 56

Lazy editing skills there Fantage xD! Anyways this is all that seems to be here for this update,but it also seems as if they are planning for more! So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that. Okay bye!




Hi. I'm Samantha. I like to blog about Fantage Updates and such. My fantage is Happygirl12376, if you ever see me on Fantage say that you have read my blog and I will add you

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